Hi, my name is Sebastian and I am a Vienna based mobile app developer.
My focus lies on building robust native Android apps, using state of the art technologies like Kotlin, Android Jetpack, RxJava, etc.
I'm a teamplayer, which is why I'm working closely together with iOS developers and UI/UX experts, giving me a feeling for the mobile cosmos as a whole.

Android Development

Having developed for Android since version 1.0, I have come to know the in and outs of this platform.


I'm happy to help as remote or on-site freelancer whenever you need support. I'm used to diving into existing codebases.


Be it best practices, popular third party libraries, deployment or continuous integration setup. I can help.


Over the course of the years I have had the pleasure to work with some exceptional companies, including:

mimo logo bitpanda logo fluidtime logo cashpresso logo

Let's work together!